The Best and Worst of B2B Marketing Channels

BlueWave Marketing

While some marketing tactics, such as telemarketing, can be beneficial to both B2B and B2C companies, other marketing channels are most effective with one or the other. Based on studies conducted by MarketingSherpa,, Software Advice, and Everything Technology Marketing, the following are three consistently effective B2B marketing channels, as well as two consistently ineffective channels.


3 Channel EffectivenessCompany website

Throughout the studies, the importance of a well-designed and well-managed company website was consistent. Your company’s website is often the first or second impression of your brand seen by a consumer, so possessing a superior website is crucial. Additionally, if your website is of superior design, it will be easier for potential customers to progress through the purchasing process, thus making leads more attainable.


Whether in person or online, events are an excellent way for your company to gain credibility and spread awareness. For example, webinars—a form of content marketing—provide…

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